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Vue was formed in 2003 when it acquired 36 Warner Village cinemas. Currently it has over 70 cinemas making it the second largest cinema chain in the UK. It has cinemas at the two Westfield shopping centres in London are the most modern and successful cinemas in the country.


The Client’s Challenge

When MCS Organisation & the Creative Studio started working with Vue in 2009, it had a name and a very good product but not a lot else. There was no brand manual, no branding and no consistency across any of its communication materials. Most of the POS was done on an ad hoc basis and had a very dated ‘sales promotion’ feel to it.


Vue’s challenge was to create some sort of difference between Vue and the competition. Their strategy was to provide a premium quality experience that offered its audiences better picture quality, better sound and better seating. Our task was to reflect this premium quality in all Vue’s communication materials.

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